The easiest way to access ecosystems data & analytical tools for research
Opening the door to a whole new array of researchers who understand the systems they are working on, but do not have the technical skill-sets or hardware to properly answer their questions.

About the project

Six of Australia’s national research infrastructure investments have come together to create a new, exciting e-research platform to support Australian research: The Australian Science Clouds. The EcoCloud is one of these platforms and will provide the ecosystem science community with improved access to analysis tools, platforms and computing resources, via a single interface that links multiple data nodes and data service providers.

The Ecocloud project is a collaborative effort supported by NeCTAR as the major project sponsor, TERN and ALA as the NCRIS domain partners, QCIF as the implementation partner, and NCI as a key collaborator.

Core features


Ready-to-go data

Easily search and access a suite of ready-to-go ecological datasets through our EcoStore
for use in modelling and analytical tools

Compute power

We connect to Australia’s national cloud computing infrastructure so you don’t have to burden your personal computer

Analysis tools

Utilise preloaded and preconfigured popular analytical tools such as R Studio in
a cloud environment

User stories

I need access to a compute platform with tools such as Rstudio and QGIS attached and access to the TERN biophysical data collection to run large scale models


As an application developer, I want a cloud platform to run my simulation with a local access to data so that I don’t move data around or download into my desktop.

Application developer

I need to get temperature and precipitation data per local government area for set timeframes into my R model

PhD student, Ecology

I need enough compute & storage to run a distributed large-scale data intensive application for a short period of time

Solution developer

What will it look like?

We want to help you bypass the barriers of large data and associated computational limits by connecting you to integrated databases and Australia’s high performance computing network
…and we don’t want you to even know that you’re doing it.

Show me!

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