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About the project

Access to good quality ecological and biodiversity data is required to adequately measure the state of the environment. Recent technologies have enabled consistent and continuous collection of ecological data at high resolutions across large spatial scales, and there are a number of initiatives and institutions collecting this data. The challenge remains, however, to bring these data together and expose them to methods and tools to analyse the interaction between biodiversity and the environment. These challenges are mostly associated with the accessibility, visibility and interoperability of data hosted in disparate places, and the technical capacity, computation and analysis needs of those interpreting the data. This is where EcoCloud comes in.

The ‘EcoScience Research Data Cloud and Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory’ (aka – EcoCloud) project will provide an online platform giving researchers easy access to large volumes of curated data and tools using Cloud and Virtual Laboratory (VL) technology.

The Ecocloud project is a collaborative effort supported by ANDS/Nectar/RDS as the major project sponsor, and QCIF as the implementation partner.

Core features


Ready-to-go data

Easily search and access a suite of ready-to-go ecological datasets through our EcoStore
for use in modelling and analytical tools

Compute power

We connect to Australia’s national cloud computing infrastructure so you don’t have to burden your personal computer

Analysis tools

Utilise preloaded and preconfigured popular analytical tools such as R Studio in
a cloud environment

User stories

I need access to a compute platform with tools such as Rstudio and QGIS attached and access to the TERN biophysical data collection to run large scale models Ecologist

As an application developer, I want a cloud platform to run my simulation with a local access to data so that I don’t move data around or download into my desktop. Application developer

I need to get temperature and precipitation data per local government area for set timeframes into my R model PhD student, Ecology

I need enough compute & storage to run a distributed large-scale data intensive application for a short period of time Solution developer

Project partners